Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice! Gift Cards are the perfect gift for everyone……because well, everyone wears shoes!

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How does the receiver redeem the Gift Card?

Once the receiver receives gift card, they may redeem it at the checkout page by imputing their gift code in the required field.

Do Gift Cards expire or lose value over time?

Gift Cards expire after 6 months of purchase but can be renewed if we are contacted within that time frame.

Can Gift Cards be used more than once?

A gift card is only valid for one shopping session

What if the receiver did not receive the gift code?

If the receiver does not receive the code in their email inbox, the receiver should check his spam box. We advise that the giver notifies the receiver of the gift card after making the purchase so that the receiver will expect the email.
If otherwise, please contact us if the receiver does not receive the email after 24 hours.

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